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Posted by boylove on April 30, 2006

Well, I'm almost finished watching the movie 'Flight 93' on the A&Echannel. It's a really good movie, well produced and acted. It just sucks how TV movies always have commercials in the stupidest places. This movie has really gotten to me, and I feel really bad for all of the families. I really don't know what to type in next about that, so *changes subject*

My mom just got in yesterday. She visted her parents in michigan, but I wish she stayed longer. Not because I don't want her here (that's only part!), but because my grandpa is sick, and he's 84, so we can't really expect a lot out of him. She should've stayed and spent more time with her dad, because I don't think he's going to last very long…:( Well, I don't know what to say anymore…so..*posts blog*

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Indy Expo

Posted by boylove on April 20, 2006

Okay, so there's this thing called the Indy Expo going on tomorrow at school. I don't know why it's called the Indy Expo, but it's a talent show. And I'm going to be in it. Right…so today we had rehersals…and let me tell you: I sucked. I messed up about twice, my mouth got dry, I barley showed any emotion in my monologue, and my foot was shaking so it was obvious (to some) that I was nervous. I got a lot of tips, and hopefully when I do it for the show tomorrow, it'd be better. I need to learn that it's okay for me to go totally crazy on stage…it's a character! Plus, I also learned to move my whole body, and I really appreciate the help I got. 

 If I ever get a tape or video available online, I'll try to share it. 🙂

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Posted by boylove on April 18, 2006

Just wow. I'm watching this incredible memorial event going on in San Francisco on TV. It's about the 1906 earthquake, and it's celebrating 100 years that passed. San Francisco is truly amazing in the fact that it re-built itself from the ground up, after a huge disastor. I'm REALLY proud to be a part of this great city, and if you're from this city, I'd like to hear what you think about these celebrations. 

Argh….but I still can't believe my mom got an email while I was overseas inviting her to join this great function! And she didn't even tell me about it until it started this morning at 5: 30. I woke up at 5, and I could've gone! They're eating San Franciscan food from 1906, which is really cool. No….not food left overs from 1906… dishes from 1906. Haha. 

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I’m baaaaack!

Posted by boylove on April 17, 2006

Well, the trip was awesome. Not what I expected at all. I had a great time with my family, and I'm dissapointed that it had to end so soon! I'm taking the day off today, because I came in at 1:00AM from the airport, so I need to rest! I really wanna catch up with everything that's been going on, because it seems like I missed a lot (not really, :p).

I miss my friends and online chaps, so I can't wait to chat to you all again! Til then, I'm off to go to sleep. More details, if wanted, coming soon! 

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Posted by boylove on April 7, 2006

Well, I'mgoing overseas! Yeap, it's to {stalker information here}, and I'm visinting family. =D It's gunna be pretty cool, but i have a feeling it might be hell week. So….yeah. 😀 Haha, yeah…

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Posted by boylove on March 11, 2006

It was snowing! In San Francisco! Isn’t that just AWESOME? I went to see a school play, which was awesome (lots of hot guys in it! D), and when I arrived at the school, there was snow on the ground! There was snow on the way there while my mom was driving, but at the school we had a snowball fight! It was soooo weird, and soooo awesome. Me and my friend wanted to be snowed in, because I would’ve been backstage with the hot guys, and she would’ve gone all wacko and have an excuse. xD Hah. I love SF…

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Posted by boylove on February 25, 2006

Okay, so yesterday was boring at school. That’s when I decided to go to the valley behind it with my friends. It was great at the beginning part, we went on some new “paths” Just worn down crap, no stairs or anything), and we went to some rope swings. It was awesome, but I hurt my crotch when trying to get on this one swing. It’s like a damned stick, the person who hung it didn’t know what they were doing. But anyways, I jumped off the tree and hung on to the rope where the swing was at. You’re supposed to do that and then swing your legs over both sides of the swing. I ended up getting on one side, and that hurt like hell! I fell on the dirt, and of course my friends laughed at me. The other swing was wayy better than that crappy piece of shit. Hah.

So after the swings, we took another path to DeadMan’s Cave. It’s this small ass cave that is really cool. You have to walk up hill a while (with thorns and all) to get to it, but it’s worth it. Because it’s all dark and eerie, but it was still awesome. I went in, and it’s really only big enough for two people, so my friend Rose followed. There’s this little hole at the end, so you can climb out, but it’s like covered by a curtain of vines (some of which have thorns). BUT, the day before my friend went through that and made a hole thing, so it was good. My friend is scared of spiders, and she didn’t do too well when she saw all the webs. Hah. She’s not the type of girl who doesn’t like the wilderness, she just hates spiders.

After that we went up the trail a little more, while Michaela stayed back at the tree and went exploring. We started to climb the rocks on the side of the cave, which was really kind of scary because if you fall, there’s no belayer or harness to save you from dieing a horrible painfull death. Hah. That’s what made Rose take the trail all the way to the top, instead of climibing. WHich left Cassandra, Tim, and me climbing rocks. It was pretty cool, but I kind of fell a little. Luckily there was a landing below me, so I’m all good! Once we reached the top Cassandra and I sat at the top, feet dangling, and looking at the great view. We saw my friend Michaela still down there, and then she left to go exploring some more. All while Rose and Tim (Who I think secretly like each other) were sitting at the top. of the hill. It look weird when he started dragging her down the hill by her feet, to join us because from my angle it looked like they were…uh, just figure that out. Hah.

I get a little jumpy when I’m on high grounds, near an edge, and even more so when Tim is around. His leg kept hitting my back, which really freaked me out because I was on the edge. So I moved back and told him to not hit me, which only lead to him grabbing me and shaking me when I was sooo close to the edge. That’s when I went back and down the trail, them only following. So I left the trail and went up the hill, where Rose & Tim went looking for me. Cassandra went down rock climbing, and I followed. So we were hiding from Tim & Rose, and it was all fun. We took a FRESH NEW path that went downhill, which was a stupid idea because of all the rocks and weeds and thorns in the way. But we get down safe and unhurt. That’s when we decided to take another new way and that lead us to this place that Cassandra said lead to a path. It didn’t. But there was a fallen tree there. All you had to do was step on it, walk on it a little, and jump off to the trail. Michaela met us up there, and watched as Cassandra did that succesfully. It was my turn, and I almost got it! But then I lost balanace. I almost regained it, but fell backwords into a bush of thistles and thorns. It hurt like hell, and I scraped my knee. Then my friends helped me out and gave me a hand.

After that, we all headed back to the rope swings where Rose and Tim met us with out stuff. We went swinging for a while, and it was pretty awesome. Then when I was on the swing Michaela started twisting the ropes, and I knew what was going to happen. Then when all the ropes were twisted she let go and I started spinning! I almost fell off, but I hung on with my hand and was dangling with my knees. Then it recoiled, which was pretty cool. It went again, and then I tried to pull myself up without stopping the spinning, and then I was spinning FASTER. It was awesome. After that, Rose Michaela and Tim had to leave, so that left me and Cassandra. We were going to the Creative Writing show later that night, but I’ll post a different blog entry for that. This one is already super long. XD

[I Don’t edit/spell check/grammer check these, so ignore all that stuff.]

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Heylo People!

Posted by boylove on February 24, 2006

Hey everyone, I’m new to this blog thing. Not the whole blog concept, but this particular blog system. I really like it, and I hope I update it often. I usually don’t, so…yeah. Hah. I never know what to say in these things, espcially the first one. Well, I’m watching American Idol & SUrvivor right now, and both have REALLY hot guys on, so I’m happy. Hah. Just FYI: The name’s Kyle, and I’m bisexual, but I really like guys more. So..that’s why I made up the name. Hah. 😀 I don’t spell check my blogs, so watch out. 😀

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